For work contracts, we enter into an agreement of friendship and cooperation to build relationships for a peaceful world. Friendship is the foundation of our relationships, but some of the worst distress and violence occurs among loved ones, neighbors and partners. We have an open dialogue on these principles, how to plant and nurture them and how to weed out all that is contrary to them.

We preserve peace by living in accord with life’s transforming power. We have one commitment: to practice opening to and relying on life’s transforming power to guide our private and public lives. ~ Nadine Hoover (2018)

Sign these or similar principles in every work contract

We seek and trust the power of the Living Spirit to guide our individual and collective discernment for what rings true as direction for our practical actions.

We seek goodness and capabilities in each person and regard no person as our enemy, joining together to oppose actions or conditions of violence, abuse or neglect.

We believe in the transforming power of love, conscience, peace and nonviolence as a challenge to injustice and violence and as a force for reconciliation.

We accept that our understandings of truth are incomplete and have faith that new perceptions of truth will continue to be revealed both to us and to others.

We respect the dignity of each person and ask each of us to bring to the group’s attention any acts considered prejudicial or discriminatory so that we may examine and transform our lives, words and actions in line with our belief.

We do not take sides in any conflict. We believe that it takes all of us to achieve peace and invite all of us to join together in undertaking this work.

We expect honesty and integrity in all our dealings and openness and transparency in accounting for our time, deeds and finances.

We respect all peoples’ choice of religion, do not proselytize to those we serve, and we call all people to practice the universal dictates of faith in life itself, such as community, integrity, simplicity, equality, justice, liberty and peace.

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