We experiment with and change our lives. We focus attention on questions that pave the way ahead of us. • How can I reflect the love around me in my life and pass it on?

• How is love and conscience working in me?

• What insights or guidance are revealed to me?

• How do I shape my outward life to reflect that inward experience

• Do I ask myself and others for a peaceful way forward? Then we look for clarity and exchange feedback on what rings true for one or all of us. Below are the statements that rang true for all of us.

3 thoughts on “Kins, Jungjoo, Nadine, and Rosie”

  1. We affirmed that life is quite simple; we don’t need to overthink it but to notice and stay empowered and responsible within that. ~ Rosie, Kins, Nadine

  2. Nadine Hoover

    Companion Group Meeting 5 April 2019:
    Guiding Query: Am I paying attention to my connection to the breath of life in others and the natural world, to what matters, and asking for a peaceful way forward? Are we doing the healing of our generation and passing on the healthiest, most loved world possible? ~ Kins, Nadine, Rosie

    English word “love” does not capture specifically that all-encompassing sense of love. The eternal love for all existence that braids together love, integrity and justice for all people and the natural world–all of existence. Gay Howard described when she felt really low, she repeatedly said to God, “I want to feel your love.” Standing in a check-out line a voice came to her, “You can feel God’s love, but you have to pass it along to everyone around you.” When we are open to the power of love around us, it uses and moves through us. As David R Hawkins says, “Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.” The work is not to keep love to oneself, but to pass it on, to love others and all the natural world. Whenever we’re making a decision or taking an action, we can ask ourselves and others: Does this show our love fully? ~ Nadine, Kins, Rosie

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