Understanding us as a people

Across Asia, West Pacific and Eastern Europe, peace workers collaborate through Friends Peace Teams-AWP. Conscience Studio documents and disseminates materials we find necessary for preserving peace. Thousands of people in the U.S. and Asia created peaceful, nonviolent communities shifting from despair, revenge and hatred to enthusiasm, confidence and genuine love for themselves and others.




These tools work across diverse cultures, languages and religions to free people to creatively respond to human challenges and needs that have no universal solution, forming peaceful cultures. We witness astonishing transformations from violent, destructive communities into peaceful, productive ones.

These practices function as an interdependent ecology that form self-referential cycles: transformed individuals transform communities that transform societies that in return transform individuals. Such ecological systems, using their outputs as inputs, are regenerative.

We build on knowledge from many generations to support future generations: Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), Re-evaluation Counseling (RC), civil rights and peace movements, Quaker practice, and new knowledge about trauma and breaking cycles of oppression. We understand the effective sequencing of practices for peace and nonviolence.

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