When we agree to practice these points, we create peaceful, nonviolent cultures. We can usually track any problems that arise back to a breach of one of these agreements. Shake off any sense of guilt that arises, open wholeheartedly to enjoying the practice and experience the pervasive sense of liberty and joy it brings.

We can create peaceful, healthy, sustainable societies with the liberty to act in accord with love and conscience and the justice to hold one another to standards of fairness.” ~ Nadine Hoover, 2018

Apply these agreements in your private and public life and discuss with others

Affirm myself and others, no put downs or put ups.

Stop, listen, don’t interrupt.

Speak simply and honestly without fear of mistakes.

Speak from my experience, not other’s without permission.

Tend emotions, then speak directly to someone if in dispute.

Ask for and offer hospitality, feedback and help.

Make friends not enemies with people who are similar and different.

Use what I need and share the rest fairly.

Use my rights to pass and to consultation.

Volunteer myself only, not others.

Care for each person, the community and the natural world.

Live in integrity with life’s transforming power.

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