Learn tools for creating cultures of peace

Take courses on how to rely on life’s transforming power with people who have similar and different backgrounds, views, gifts and experiences.

Courses include

Personal Transformation (PT) and Social Transformation (ST) in two ten-part series on the tools of peace with custom Group Consultations (GC) for supporting local teams and Power of Goodness (PoG) for outreach to create, document and share cultural responses to human and ecological needs in a healthy, peaceful manner.

Personal Transformation Series (PT): Empowerment, Resiliency and Play

Prerequisite: Participant has completed a seven-day face-to-face Cultures of Peace training, started practicing in one’s own private and public life and plans to offer the training in your area. Learn to facilitate workshops to practice tools and hone basic skills to rely on peaceful, nonviolent, transforming power in private and public life to create a culture of peace. Practices build on the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) and Re-evaluation Counseling informed by trauma resiliency and developmental play.

Context & Atmosphere – PT1

Orientation to the context and atmosphere for successful training: personal intention and companion group practice, setting up a community group, and focusing on the overarching structure of workshop sessions: welcome, gathering, agenda, history, approach, roadmap, logistics, activities, play, reflection and closing.

Affirmation & Safety – PT1

Sets expectations, offers a roadmap, explores agreements to practice, and practices simple steps to form friendships, speak, listen, explore the core self, discharge and regulate emotion, and be a good companion to one another.

Transforming Power – PT2

Practices talking about violence, understanding nonviolence and learning about recognizing and relying on the transforming power of life to preserve peace at home and in public.


Communication & Cooperation – PT3

Offers tools for finding our authentic voice to talk about understandings and needs peacefully and nonviolently. Explores social interactions to love and care for ourselves, others and the natural world with generosity, humility and empathy.


Remembering & Reconnection – PT4

Identifies stress, distress and trauma, and offers tools to stay grounded in our core selves, modulate emotion, reprocess traumatic memories and reconnect across our life stories.


Commitment to Personal Practice – PT5

Reflects on personal transformation and clarifies personal commitments to living peaceful private and public lives.

Social Transformation Series (ST): Conscience, Liberation and Discernment

Practices to hone basic skills for relying on the transforming power of love and conscience to shape community relationships, overcome inter-generational patterns of oppression, and organize based on discerning a consensus of conscience.

Confidence & Conviction – ST1

Uses community dialogue to reflect on life’s transforming power in every moment, confidence and how to counteract prejudice; and small group dialogue to explore humility, conviction and how to counteract privilege.

Liberation & Transformation – ST2

Reveals how we participate in and perpetuate inter-generational patterns of oppression and challenges aspirations to unfair or unnecessary power. Explores how to overcome prejudice and privilege and experiment with love and conscience in our lives to prepare us for social transformation.

Feedback & Discernment – ST3

Practices exchanging feedback on our sense of what rings true, animated by transforming power, and arising from love and conscience. We practices making decisions alone and together, in pairs and small groups, discerning a consensus of conscience and developing our public voices.

Expression & Reflection – ST4

Takes time to listen inwardly to conscience, write a statement of conscience and invest in the reflection, study, planning, development and implementation required to cultivate cultures of peace.

Group Consultations (GC)

Monthly internet sessions for small groups of citizen leaders actively working in companion group to transform their private and public lives for social and ecological peace and justice.

Companion Group

A group of 2-6 people who meet for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual internet session to share the results of the group’s insights, practices and transformations and ask for reflection, feedback and/or consultation.

Power of Goodness (PoG) Outreach

Short events organized around a theme in the roadmap for creating cultures of peace combined with a story from the Power of Goodness collection to convey how peace, nonviolence and reconciliation work to wide audiences of children, youth and adults.

Principled Friendships

Practices facilitating each part of a simple agenda for a short event of 45- to 90-minute session for youth or adults to learn how to encourage people to begin creating a culture of peace

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Join this experiential learning through activities, practice and reflection, affirming the goodness and capability of each person, understanding every person’s journey is different. We participate voluntarily, as teachers and learners, to change ourselves and society. Register for in-person introductory workshops or online training for facilitators.

Personal Transformation

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Social Transformation

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The Power of Goodness

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