Companion Groups

Companion groups offer critical support to anyone who relies on inward guidance to direct their lives. Each companion identifies their own inward experience. Some are guided by the Living Spirit, by a sense of Transforming Power, or by love and conscience. They cultivate the inward experience and reflect it in their outward lives — personal, communal, and societal.

Companions each keep a notebook on the experiment with their life. Self-selected groups of 2-4 companions meet regularly every 1-3 weeks for 1-2 hours. They give each person attention, one at a time, and document what is affirmed as true for them or the group. They may gather every 2-4 months with other groups in an area to give group attention, one at a time, and document what is affirmed as true for us as a community.

In this workshop, you will learn skills for being a good companion and practices for running a companion group. The workshop orients, refreshes, and strengthens companion groups. This sets a necessary foundation for creating regenerative, peaceful, just societies.

Some or all members of a companion group may attend, adults or teens, to start your own group or improve your practice. Participants come from peace and justice movements, Quaker Meetings, and other religious, interfaith, community, or counseling groups around the world.

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