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Nadine is easily the most passionate Quaker I have ever met–when she speaks about the importance of conscientious objection right here and now; how we need to stand up and make our voices heard if we believe, as she does, that war is illegal, war is immoral and don’t let anyone tell you any different–well, you can’t help feeling stirred and emboldened.
Michael Mears (Author of This Evil Thing (2016))
London, UK
I began working with Nadine on this training in Indonesia in 2005. It reconnected us to our ability to take right actions based on our conscience and reconnected our souls to a sense of value and capacity. This training emboldened my family and friends to start a peace movement in Pati, Central Java. Thank you Nadine for your dedication to peaceful society on the earth and willingness to document the work for our use
Central Java, Indonesia
Creating Cultures of Peace unpacks the tools for practicing peace in crystal form. Theory and practice effectively interweave through stories of years of community work. I am pleased to have a book that virtually instructs and grounds me through these stories. I have followed the instructions and see it work! I have seen how the constancy in practice builds peace in my life and in many of the scenes in the book, as I accompanied Nadine on several visits in Indonesia.
Kins Aparece
Bohol, Philippines
This training gave the courage and perspective to live ruthlessly aligned with integrity and peace. I notice the life and beauty inside everyone and everything, stay in my core self, and when listening, expect to be changed. The truth has its own power, let it go through us, but no matter how much we know, the first step is to love.
Rosie Remmerswaal
Auckland, Aotearoa/NZ


Nadine brings a bold, vital message that peace is possible and essential for us all.

Nadine Clare Hoover

Nadine has worked with thousands of people, primarily in the U.S. and Asia, to recover from extreme violence and create peaceful, nonviolent communities. Over decades she has seen whole communities shift from despair, revenge and hatred to enthusiasm, confidence and genuine love for themselves and others, even reaching out to include people they formerly considered enemies. 

Together they identified tools that have worked across diverse cultures, languages and religions. They witnessed astonishing transformations of violent, destructive communities into peaceful, productive ones. Nadine shares these simple, practical tools grounded in historic Quaker peace work while continuing to incorporate new learning.

Nadine grew up in the Appalachian foothills with a holistic, resourceful approach to life and work, placing her faith in the power of the Living Spirit to allow love and conscience to guide her life. She coaches community leaders, offers workshops, trains facilitators and documents practices that have worked for many.

Nadine Hoover created and hosts this website and materials.
Nadine lives on gifts, so to invest in keeping this work alive, please

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